Organization Profile
The HKCMAC is a voluntary organization. It was established in 1965 by Fr. Edward Collins, S.J. (the first appointed Chairman) at the request of the late Bishop Lawrence Bianchi (the first President) to provide Hong Kong with a specialized agency for the improvement of marriage and parenthood. It was formally incorporated in 1967.

The Agency started with Natural Family Planning services in a few Catholic Hospitals. In 1966, Family Life Education for couples and parents were introduced. Marriage Counselling services did not begin till 1968 and soon after Pre-Marriage Education. Marriage Mediation Counselling, the first of its kind in Hong Kong, started with the cooperation of the Legal Aid Department, Hong Kong Government in 1988.

From 1990s, the Council pioneered various kinds of family and marital services like Parish Volunteers Couples Training Project on delivery of pre-marriage courses for newly-wed couples in churches. A Guangzhou Natural Family Planning Project has also been set up to render and promote related consulting service in Mainland China. FOCCUS service for pre-married couples, Marital Sexual Dysfunctional Therapy and REFOCCUS service for couples were established in 2000 and 2001 respectively.

On entering 2004, Infertility Counselling Service for couples and Love and Life Education for teenagers were introduced. The Council had restructured the marriage counselling and family life education teams into an integrated family service centre to provide needy families with resources, group programs and counselling on a community based approach. With the mission to continue quality marital counselling service, a self-financed specialized service development team was created in 2006 to guide the professional development of marriage counselling and Emotion Focused Therapy Training. In 2008, a special project on Coparenting for Divorced/Separated Parents was launched to respond to the needs of these families.

In response to the increasing demands on quality marriage counselling and professional training services, a Counselling and Training Centre has been established at Headquarters since 2012.

The funding support from the Social Welfare Department, The Community Chest of Hong Kong, The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust and The Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong contribute greatly towards the steady growth of the Agency over the years.
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