Budding in Love School Social Work Services Team

Service Leaflet


Commencing 2018/2019, the Social Welfare Department has initiated a three year pilot scheme on operating social work service for the Pre-Primary Institutes, providing stationing social work service for the children and their families, with the purposes of early identification of and assistance provision to the children with the needs of proper parental care, welfare and protection from abuse.


With the approval from the SWD, the HKCMAC has jointly operated a social work service team, "Budding in Love School Social Work Services Team" with the Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children, starting September 2019. The social workers of the HKCMAC will provide stationing social work services in the following 8 kindergartens, e.g. St. Andrew's Catholic Kindergarten, Tung Chung Catholic Kindergarten, Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Kindergarten, Cheung Chau Sacred Heart Kindergarten, Kam Lam Catholic Kindergarten, Tsuen Wan Our Lady Kindergarten, St. Thomas' Catholic Kindergarten and St. Antonius Kindergarten.


The social workers of our agency possess professional qualifications for Child-centered Play Therapy, 6A’s of Positive Parenting, Personality Dimensions, Emotion- Focused Therapy, etc. Also, we cooperate with different educational institutions to provide talks, workshops, groups and parent-child activities.




To help children develop their potential and build up positive personalities.

To enhance children’s adaptability to school environment.

To assist the parents to accommodate the children’s developmental needs in different stages, and to develop effective parenting.

To promote cooperation between parents and school, in order to provide healthy, joyful and safe environment for children to grow up.


To prompt parents’ involvement in nurturing children.

To identify children with Special Educational Needs (SEN) and provide family assistance.

To identify families and children in need or in crisis, and provide prompt and immediate intervention and / or referral

Services mode

Casework and Counselling

Play Therapy

Children Developmental Groups

Parental Support

Activities for Family Relationship

Support Programs for Teaching Staff

Services for Children
  • School adjustment - Facilitate the adjustment of new students to school life and prepare children for adapting Primary 1

  • Emotional Development - Better understand and express emotions and enhance self-esteem and confidence to overcome difficulties

  • Social Development - Social skill and peer communication

  • Love and Life Education - Spiritual nurturing and life education

  • Educational Needs - Early identification and referral, enhance learning motivation and enhance attention span

Services for Parents
  • Parenting skills - Understand the developmental needs of children, enhance parenting skills and promote parent-child communication and relationship

  • Emotional health - Stress management and early identification and referral

  • Parent support network - Parent mutual support group and parent volunteer group

  • Community resource enquiry and referral - Financial need and occupational need

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