Clinical Supervision Service

The clinical supervision service aims at enhancing clinical competences and professional development of social workers and related practitioners who are dedicated in working with individuals, couples and families in their own counseling practice.


With a competency-based approach to clinical supervision, our clinical supervision emphasizes a focus on identifying and appreciating the unique qualities, clinical experiences and competence level, and resources of supervisees. The development of a secure, trusting, and effective working alliance between supervisor and supervisee is particularly important. The supervisor and supervisee collaboratively build mutual agreement about the goals, scopes, learning focus, and methods of supervision. It is expected to strengthen supervisee’s development of theoretical framework, conceptual and perceptual abilities, intervention skills, and self reflection on one’s work with clients in their counselling practice.


In response to the learning styles and training needs of supervisees, there is a continuous, developmental, supervisory feedback process about supervisees’ levels of skills, and training needs over predictable stages of competency development. The supervisory process is experiential, participatory, relational-focused, reflective and educational wherein learning and professional growth occur.


Social workers, counsellors, and clinical practitioners who possess a degree in related discipline


Clinical supervision approaches

Emotion-Focused Therapy supervision

Marital and Family Therapy supervision


Format of supervision

Individual supervision



Case consultation, Review of audio/video-taped case session and Experiential learning and skills coaching



$1,200 per hour


Information on Clinical Supervisor

Mr. Jay Tse is a Marriage Counsellor at the Counselling and Training Centre of The Hong Kong Catholic Marriage Advisory Council. He earned a Bachelor of Social Work degree at Hong Kong Baptist University. Also, he earned a Master of Family Therapy degree and completed two-year training in Gestalt Therapy at Southern Connecticut State University, United States. Besides, he is an Approved Supervisor and Clinical Fellow of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT).


Mr. Jay Tse has been trained in Emotion-Focused Therapy with Professor Leslie Greenberg since 2004, as well as receiving training from Dr. Serine Warwar, Dr. Wanda Malcolm, Dr. Alberta Pos, and Professor Rhonda Goldman over the years. He is a Certified EFT Trainer (Individual Therapy) and a Certified Emotion-Focused Couples Therapy Supervisor and Therapist recognized by the International Society for Emotion-Focused Therapy (ISEFT). In recent years, Mr. Tse has conducted Emotion-Focused Therapy training and provides EFT supervision for graduates of the Certified Training Program in Emotion-Focused Therapy.



The applicant can make contact with Mr. Jay Tse at 28101104 firstly, and make further arrangement on the supervision format and schedule.


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Closed on Sundays and public holidays


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