Sex Therapy Service

Sex and intimacy are normal and basic human needs, it also plays a crucial role in a marriage. A healthy sex life for married couples is beneficial for both the husband and wife's physical and psychological health, it is also one of the keys to strengthening their marriage.


What is sex therapy?

Couples having sexual difficulties can collaborate with our sex therapist through a therapeutic process to identify their sexual concerns, to set up therapeutic goals and to design behavioral strategies to improve sexual intimacy and prepare for parenthood. All information disdosed within sessions are confidential.


  • What are the sex problems do couples usually have?

  • Lack of sex knowledge

  • Difficulties in planning sex life

  • Emotional distress because of sex life dissatisfaction

  • Difficulties in sexual intercourse

  • Lack of sexual desire

  • Trouble to reach orgasm

  • Early ejaculation

  • Erectile dysfunction

  • Difficulties in ejaculation

  • Painful during sexual intercourse


We provide the following sexual treatment counseling services


  • Sex therapy

    • Facilitates couples to deal with sexual dysfunction experienced in lovemaking

    • Helps couples to build up a healthy and satisfying sex-life

  • Sex Counselling

    • Facilitates couple's emotional intimacy and sexual communication

    • Helps couples to deal with sexual differences and conflicts

    • Increases couples' sexual creativity

  • Fertility Counselling

    • Tackles couples' struggles about infertility

    • Facilitates couples to make a realistic plan for parenthood

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Sex therapist profile

Service hours and Fee
Fee items Details Fee
Interview Fee (Non-peak hours) Monday to Friday
Each session (1 hour)
$500 /hour*
Interview Fee (Peak hours) Monday to Friday
Each session (1 hour)
$600 /hour*

 *The price has changed since 4 April 2023.


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